Marketing, Branding and Communication: Tips for Business Owners and Execs

Marketing, Branding and Communication: Tips for Business Owners and Execs

The Importance of Structural Detailing in Building Construction

by Eduardo Weaver

In building construction the term "steel detailing" refers to specifications that will be used to create every component, based on not just actual dimensions, but purpose and positioning. Drawings contain complete details of all elements that are needed for a successful project, at every stage.  The functionality, durability and stability of any structure depends on the accuracy and quality of the detailing work during analysis and design. What's involved in steel detailing and what are the two most important detailing services?

Engineers, contractors and fabricators rely on highly accurate renditions in order to process each of their respective elements in the building job. There will be a variety of detailed design specifications and complex graphs, which are most often computer-generated. However, the two most important are shop drawings and erection drawings.

Shop Drawings

Each part of the steel structure and all the relevant components are minutely detailed in shop drawings. The information contained within includes material specifications, highly accurate dimensions for each component, how and where welding, bolting or painting needs to be engaged. This information is passed to the fabricator

Accurate detail here is crucial to the work of the fabricator. This specialist also needs to know how the element being created will perform in the context of its positioning and contribution to the performance of the overall structure.

Erection Drawings

Erection drawings are used when moving on from the component construction phase to the actual construction. Each component used in the erection and installation phases is precisely detailed in terms of its location and dimension. The requirements for installing and then connecting all these components together are a part of the erection drawing plan. Here, information relating to the welding spots, bolt positions or anchoring points is included.

A variety of individual drawings and specification sheets are included. These sheets can list all the materials needed, plus connectivity drafts, whether any reinforced steel detailing is required and so on.

Structural Detailers as Part of the Team

From a broader perspective as far as a structure is concerned team duties are clear cut. The structural engineer concentrates on load bearing capacity and stability, while the project architect makes sure building codes are complied with. However, structural engineers and architects frequently call on the services of experienced detailing service providers. It is best to bring in experts at this stage to ensure not only accuracy in detail, but the avoidance of errors and the need for costly reworking.


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