Marketing, Branding and Communication: Tips for Business Owners and Execs

Marketing, Branding and Communication: Tips for Business Owners and Execs

Quick Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioner In Good Repair

by Eduardo Weaver

A central air conditioning unit will typically need repair or work done sooner or later, as parts eventually break down over time. However, there are a few things you might consider so that you can help to keep your air conditioner in good repair and working optimally through the years. This can help to avoid unnecessary repair bills and keep your unit from breaking down in the middle of summer. Note a few of those simple tips here.

1. Build a guard or enclosure around the unit outside

Grass clipping, leaves, and other debris piling up outside the unit is one common reason for it to overwork and break down sooner than it should. While you want to check the exterior unit often, building a guard around it can be a better option. A small enclosure is easy to construct and can keep debris away from the unit. Don't construct it so close that air cannot circulate around the unit, and note that it doesn't need to be overly large, as an enclosure can simply cover the bottom of the unit and protect it.

2. Cover it properly during wintertime

It's not uncommon to cover an outside unit during wintertime, but if it fits too snugly this can allow moisture to build up inside the cover and, in turn, in the unit itself. This moisture can cause added wear and tear on the motor and blower. While a cover can protect the unit from snow and other elements, you need to allow in air so that moisture don't collect. Place a piece of plywood over the top of the unit so that the cover doesn't fit too snugly, and this will keep it protected without doing additional damage.

3. Install room units

To keep your central unit from being overworked, you can install room units. These can be used when you're just in one room, and you'll use your central unit less often.

A room unit can be a window air conditioner or a split system. Today's window air conditioners are less cumbersome and noisy than the units that were popular years ago and are also smaller and easier to install and remove. A split system unit refers to a unit that is directly vented to the outside of the home and doesn't run through the ductwork. This is the type of system used in hotel rooms. By placing these in a bedroom or living room of your home, you can use them instead of your central unit and keep it more properly maintained over time.

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