Marketing, Branding and Communication: Tips for Business Owners and Execs

Marketing, Branding and Communication: Tips for Business Owners and Execs

Tips For Gathering Evidence After A Vehicle Accident

by Eduardo Weaver

If you were recently in a vehicle accident, you might be thinking about suing for damages. In order to do this, you will need to have proof that the other driver was at fault for the accident. Here are some tips for gathering evidence following the accident, which will help you to prove your case.

Take Notes

After your accident, try to take detailed notes about the incident as soon as possible. Write down everything you remember occurring and seeing before and during the incident. If the car that hit you drove off, try to record the type of vehicle, color, overall condition, and any of the license plate that you can remember. If you are physically able to do so, sit in your car and take notes about what caused the accident, no matter how small you think the things you remember are. Something as simple as the speed you were going or which direction you were turning can be helpful.

Get Quality Photographs

You should also get really good photographs of the vehicles and entire scene of the accident. If all you have is your smartphone, by all means use that for the pictures. Get as many pictures as you are able to. If you're injured, ask if a passenger or pedestrian can get pictures for you. You want pictures of both vehicles, clearly showing the scene of the crime, what might have caused the accident, and damage on both vehicles. Take pictures inside and outside the vehicles. Get pictures of your own injuries as well, such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Find Witnesses

If you see anyone that is parked or standing near the scene of the accident, approach them and ask if they saw what happened. Having witnesses who clearly saw what occurred during a vehicle collision can be very useful. Try to get a statement from the witnesses and don't forget to get their contact information. They will need to repeat the statement to your personal injury lawyer and possibly appear in court if the case makes it that far

File a Police Report

Many accidents need to have a police report filed. Minor fender benders don't usually require a police report, but if there is damage done to your vehicle or personal injuries involved, you should call local law enforcement. Not only will they properly document the scene of the crime, which in itself helps your case, but this police report can later be used as proof to provide to the court.

In addition to the police report, other documentation to have as proof includes statements from your doctor or the emergency room personnel about the extent of your injuries and receipts for vehicle damage or doctor's appointments.


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